Monday, August 27, 2007

Disney to build on Oahu Hawaii?

Somebody call the Fabulous Disney Babe, it looks like Disney has been investigating building a resort near Koolina on Oahu, Hawaii. This seems like a natural extension of the Disney Vacation Club, but it might also be the site for one of the new 'Location Based Entertainment' resort/attraction combos Disney has been cooking up.

If anyone drives by and spots a 'closed to Imagineer a new LBE" sign, let me know!

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Kim Possible Returning to Epcot's World Showcase?

Last year guests in Epcot's World Showcase with were invited to play a real life quest game using a handheld device to locate clues based on GPS coordinates and unravel a mystery. The television show used for the experiment was Kim Possible. There was some speculation that since it was just a test the theme of the quest would likely be different when rolled out as a new attraction.

However, based on filings at the county office for a new "Kim Possible World Showcase SFX Package" it looks like Kim Possible will continue to be the theme. No word when or if this game package will be back for guests to experience. But the filing is a hopeful sign.

So while this may be the last season for the television show, fans will be able to enjoy this game at the park and get their Kim Possible fix.

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