Sunday, September 9, 2007

EPCOT Center: October 1st 2007 - 25 years of Epcot

So, where will you be on October 1st? I'm thinking I'll be at Epcot to experience the celebration of its 25th Anniversary. There is a very good chance this even would never have happened if it wasn't for the fans. Two fan organized events played a big part in the Walt Disney Company stepping up to the plate to observe this important date.

The Epcot Thing is organized by Disney fan and webmaster Nathan Rose of It's a multi-day event scheduled around meetups and tours with some big names from the Disney fan community and a name or two from Epcot's past.

The folks at DreamFinder Forever have organized an event with some official recognition from Disney management. Registration is closed for this event..

But what is Disney doing for that day? Well, a few details have begun to come out. Walt Disney Company CEO Robert Iger is expected to be at the events of the day. Other Disney dignitaries will include Marty Sklar, who led the design team for EPCOT Center, and John Lasseter. Roy E. Disney may also be involved.

Backstage, cast members have begun to receive flyers from the pre-opening days of EPCOT and other reports on the park's history. This is really ratcheting up the excitement level for everyone.

I'm also hearing, but cannot confirm this, that the whole park will have its name changed back to EPCOT Center. Where EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow and Center implies a place to explore the concepts behind that ideal. If so, I hope the philosophy is changed too, not just the name.

A few decorations have already begun to permeate the guest areas of the park. They all revolve around the original EPCOT Center logo. You should expect more of that as well as some other special surprises. Don't expect the 1st to be the only day to mark the park's importance either. This celebration is being planned to last all year.

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