Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bob Iger confirms Pixar's Carsland coming to DCA

Over at The Disney Blog, Cody Davis posted his notes from a recent investor call by Disney CEO Robert Iger. Hidden in there was this gem.

Concerning theme parks, Iger confirmed that the “parks are in great shape” and that Disney will continue to invest in capital, not just in maintenance. “Everything we have done with Pixar in the parks has worked extremely well,” he asserted. He also confirmed a new attraction for Disney’s California Adventure: “We are going to build a Carsland at California Adventure. Which will be a real anchor for that park in the near future.”

Concerning theme park attendance, Iger suggested that “it is possible that we will end up with record attendance at our domestic parks.”
I believe that's the first time the 'Carsland' project has been officially announced. Now, the question is when. (Read)

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