Sunday, December 30, 2007

What it's like to sing in the tree at Candlelight Processional

Welcome back from the holidays everyone. Hope you had a chance to make it to one of Disney's wonderful theme parks or watch your favorite Disney holiday movie (Belle's Enchanted Christmas, right?) with someone you love. While you were enjoying yourself, over 80,000 Disney Cast Members were working to make your holiday vacation as pleasant as could be. Some even volunteer their time to sing in the Candlelight Processional.

So this week we're going to take a look at another kind of Gossip, that of the Disney Cast Member journal. Sacred Cows writes one such journal and just posted a look at what it is actually like to sing as part of the cast member choir at Candlelight.

Cast members usually perform in the green robes and tree formation. This is called being "in the tree". The tree has a maximum capacity of 80 people. While all choir members prefer to be in the tree, most would like to sing in the show in any role. After all, we spent weeks learning the parts. If the tree is full, a cast member can sometimes still perform in a show if there are open positions in the school choir. In that case s/he will wear the white and gold robes and march on stage with the teenagers. If you see men in women mixed in with the teenagers, these are cast choir members.

In the cast area there is a table setup where you check in. If you are scheduled to perform your name is checked off as present. If you are not scheduled you are considered "on standby". After about 15 minutes, anyone that has not checked in runs the risk that their position in the tree will be given to someone on standby. If you are on standby and the tree is full, and there are no positions in the school choir, you cannot perform in the show(s). The goal is to create a complete tree. That is what gives us the most voices and full sound. We can perform with a much smaller tree and the audience would not be able to visually tell, and this does happen. I was in one tree once that was shy 20 people.
Nothing earth shattering is revealed, but if you read the post "now you know" as they say. Read more of the blog and you'll see Sacred Cow's reviews of all the celebrity hosts they performed with too. That's at least a little juicy.

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