Thursday, April 10, 2008

Disneyland setting itself up for bad PR with "it's a small world" Rainforest Downsizing

That an America scene is being added where the rainforest scene was previously and that the rainforest has been incorporated in another scene hasn't been denied and isn't ruled out in Marty Sklar's letter. He just ruled out that the scene is "Up With America" by which I assume Sklar meant "overly patriotic"... but I don't think that was ever anyone's complaint.

Even if the rainforest isn't going away, it is being downsized (and replaced) by America. If that isn't a metaphor for what's wrong with our attitude to Global Warming right now, I don't know what is.

If Disney opens "it's a small world" with those changes they're in for a hell-hole of bad publicity about how the attraction's new message is anti-green instead of pro-peace. Not exactly how a modern multi-national wants to be positioning itself in these days of rising fuel prices, disappearing ice-caps, and consumers looking for what's green instead of what's next.

Disney Public Relations had better start their spin now.

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-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

Disney may want to pull Charles Ridgway back in on this one, because you are right, they are going to need all the help they can get.

Ghosthost2 said...

I agree with this post. Downsizing the rainforest for an America section is one of the dumbest decisions Disney has made.
With all the bad press Disney is getting over these IASW changes, it seems like they would throw the towel in if they had any sense.

Mr Banks said...

The downsizing of the rainforest, as far as I'm concerned, pales in comparison to the addition of Disney characters. The vast majority of Disney guests won't know it's missing and those that do notice probably won't tie it into an ironic political metaphor.

The fact that there will be an "America" section to replace it is, however, disturbing on several levels, not least of which is the challenge to make it fit in with the highly stylist Blair aesthetic.

Keep up the great gossip, Mr. Whoever You Are.