Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Get your Pleasure in Now, Pleasure Island to close

Making official what has been reality in practice for over a year, Walt Disney World is expected to formally do away with the Pleasure Island concept later this year. It started New Years Eve 2005 when the last of the nightly New Years Eve celebrations happened and general admission tickets were phased out. Then it kicked into high gear in 2006 when a new pedestrian bridge brought the end of the West End Stage and the Hub Stage.

This year will see replacement of Rock'n'Roll Beach Club with a new restaurant concept. This will reduce the number of venues that require admission tickets to four. Add that to Raglan Road and T-Rex and slowly the night club focus of Pleasure Island is shifting to branded family entertainment.

This will have the affect of turning Downtown Disney into just another branded entertainment complex, much like City Walk just up I-4. at Universal Studios. I suppose that's the direction that will bring in the most money, but it doesn't seem very Disney.

Update: just to clarify, I don't feel that going more family friendly is un-Disney. I feel that bringing in lots of outside brands to occupy the space is un-Disney. I'd rather see more creative stuff from the mind of the mouse. Some sort of modern take on the Adventurer's Club would be great.

As for my source... well, obviously there is nothing official from Disney yet. But one walk through PI and it's obvious they've already effectively ended the concept of PI. It's now just a few night clubs. My sources are just confirming the target date of sometime this year.

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dan said...

maybe I'm new, but I was wondering if you have a source for this information that you say is now confirmed?

dan said...

do you have a source for this information your are "confirming"? I'm new here, and I know this is a gossip blog, but still... I'm wondering why you suddenly feel you can confirm a rumor

KingBob said...

I don't think you can confirm this story as fact because there are so many versions out there as to what is going on. The doomsayers report that Mannequins will become 8TRAX mid-2009 and that Motion will close and BET will become the Adventurer's Club Restaurant. The optimists are pointing out the recent expensive renovations at Motion and Mannequins and the upcoming renovations at 8TRAX. There's speculation that even Disney doesn't know the end of the story because they're making this up as they go. KINGBOB