Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Magic Kingdom Fantasyland and Parade Rumors

My sources at Walt Disney World have confirmed that the Magic Kingdom is moving ahead with its upgrade program boosted by higher than expected room nights at the resorts. All year long the park has been working on fixing building facades and support pillars all around the park and you can really notice the difference when you walk around. But that's not the big change.

The only major thing announced is the semi-regular update to the Hall of Presidents attraction. Unannounced, but also on the boards is a quick, not the full replacement that was rumored, refurbishment of Space Mountain; a new "Little Mermaid" attraction for Fantasyland; and a general makeover of almost all Fantasyland facades perhaps even relocating a few of the land's attractions. Those all appear to be proceeding with work beginning in early 2009.

With the new "What Will You Celebrate" campaign for 2009 they announced that each park would get 'street parties' and the Magic Kingdom's plans for that are nearing completion. Looks like 'street party' translates into a calvacade in the spirit of the 'Family Fun Parade' that just goes from Town Square to the Hub and back.

But the big news, to me at least, was that the current "Dreams Come True Parade" will be getting a slight makeover, some new music, and a new float or two. Apparently it will also get a new name having to do with the 'Celebration' theme.

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