Sunday, February 24, 2008

Disney's Hollywood Studios Rumors

Following the recent announcement that American Idol is coming as soon as this fall, I've come up with a few more tasty rumors for the recently renamed park.

First Toy Story Mania isn't the only other addition coming to the park. That whole area of the park will be renamed "Pixar Place" and will get another ride and a restaurant. The restaurant will be a buffet style eatery themed to Ratatouille. The attraction will be a Monster's Inc roller coaster take on the Nemo coaster that's so popular in Paris right now.

I'm also hearing some rumors about a Nightmare before Christmas Dark Ride. Not too sure about this one, it might just be rumors related to a possible NBC themed special ticket party coming to Hollywood Studios this year.

That's it. If you have more juicy tidbits, please send them my way.

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