Sunday, March 2, 2008

End of Biometrics Finger Scanners at Walt Disney World?

Last weekend I saw Disney trying out some new ticket scanning machines over at the Main Gate of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. When I asked what they were, I was told they were testing for a new type of admission media. The media will be thicker with a more robust coding mechanism. Apparently the paper tickets aren't holding up as well with the fastpass machines.

As it turns out even the switch from a two finger scan to a one finger scan is still too much for most tourists to figure out. As the adage goes, when you check in to your hotel, your brain checks out. So delays at the turnstiles can be long. Plus it takes a lot of labor hours to staff each gate with cast members who can troubleshoot when the finger scanning doesn't work.

What I've heard is that now Disney is considering doing away with the finger scanning all together. Instead they would do spot checks for age and ID.

Not sure how much faith I put in this rumor. Since the reason they went to biometric scanning was to link each piece of admission media with a specific individual. That cuts down on re-sale (which the Florida legislature regulates) and passing off your idea to others in your party. I don't know how the new system would do that. Maybe Disney is just happy to have a body inside the park spending money.

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