Saturday, March 15, 2008

Could you be riding Toy Story Mania as soon as next week?

What day is today? March 15th? ... would you believe that in just seven days the first soft openings for the Disney's Hollywood Studios version of Toy Story Mania are scheduled to commence? That's a full month earlier than I had heard before. Don't count on the early soft-openings but, from what I hear, the interior of the attraction is nearly complete with testing going very well.

Toy Story Mania may be ready, but some of the themeing for "Pixar Place" (the new name for "Mickey Avenue") is not quite finished. So it's likely the soft opening will one where they open a door in the wall to guests who may be passing by. Inevitably, some of those guests will be Disney internet fans who will quickly report back to their favorite discussion board. If you're one of those lucky guests, drop me a line with your report.

Update: I've been told by a reliable source not to count on any soft openings before April. Oh well.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Night Kingdom On Or Off?

Sorry for the slow posting schedule things were slow for a while. But I'm back and ready with a whole slew of rumors and gossip to start the blog up again. I hope you'll tune in and send me any tips you may have.

Disney's Night Kingdom is the 'adult' themed boutique adventure tour experience that has been rumored to be under consideration for construction at Walt Disney World. It would host only 2000 guests a night and feature a ticket price of $250-$300.

Mainstream news reports keep indicating that 'bloggers' say it will be built at Downtown Disney's Pleasure Island. But I've read most of the reports and never saw that anyway. What was said was that the "Adventurer's Club" would be the gateway. But it was also mentioned that the Pleasure Island location of the "Adventurer's Club" would be closed and it would be re-opened at the new location.

That location has been speculated to be in the clearing that resulted from the construction of "Expedition Everest" after Disney cleared out all the construction equipment and supplies. I had heard this was for a new land to be called 'Australia' that would feature marine life (think Finding Nemo) and cute and fuzzy animals (think Koala).

But now I'm hearing rumors that the idea has been sent back to the drawing board once again after Disney executives saw some of the public feedback. The 'adult' aspect of the new boutique experience has been too played up by the rumors and news media. Disney executives want a high-ticket exclusive experience, but something the whole family can experience as well as couples and adults.

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