Sunday, May 11, 2008

Automotive Imagineer appears in

That Bob Gurr is a design and automotive engineering genius there is no doubt. That he is a number one class act when it comes to his role in Walt Disney Imagineering and his part in the Disney legacy there is also no doubt. But, to those who did not know him closely, there has been a little doubt as to his sexual orientation.

With this article in that is no longer in doubt.

First there is the picture with Charro. Then there is a very lovely interview where Bob talks about his love of cars and provides more than a few bon mots.

I’ve enjoyed a long career, received many honors, and grew up before and thru the Stonewall Age. Today, being gay is just one more human inherited characteristic. Folks should see that they can they can have a wonderful life no matter what.
Thank you Bob for your amazing contributes to themed entertainment. I look forward to seeing you at the next Disney fan event.

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