Monday, June 2, 2008

Kevin Federline loses a child at Disneyland

The RadReport has a story on how Kevin Federline's daughter, not one from his relationship with Britney however, was temporarily separated from his party during a recent trip to Disneyland:

Sources said that the child, wearing a light yellow Belle Costume, was left alone near the Finding Nemo ride. When an employee asked her where her parents were, she said she didn’t know.

About ten to fifteen minutes after the employee found the lost little Kori, a nanny spotted her and came running over.

“She was freaked out and started yelling at the kid, asking her why she wandered off,” said the source.

See even celebrities lose their children at Disneyland. Even when they can afford to pay others to watch the tots for them. I wonder if that nanny was like "Oh my god, this is so going to cost me my job."


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