Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fast pass crackdown

Note to all Fast Pass system hypermilers the crackdown has begun. No, they're not requiring guests to actually return during the 1 hour window (which would be bad guest service and impractical to enforce) and they're not even getting any better about checking the date or time on the second or third fast pass in the stack (yes, it's that easy to game the system (easier really)). What they are cracking down on is 'self-serving' .

Self-serving is when the Fast Pass machine has been left unlocked and you can print as many fast passes as you want just by pressing the button located on the rear of the terminal. In Disneyland, they disabled access to this button on most machines a long time ago, but in Walt Disney World, it's accessible and not really hidden very well by cast members who use it to churn out fast passes either for their friends or for guests upon whom they take sympathy.

There is no sign saying not to press that button and no 'rules to follow' that guests agree to when buying their regular theme park admission, which gain them access to the Fast Pass machine (a valid ticket used to enter the park that day is all that is required). However, it seems the secret has leaked far and wide.

I have heard that some patrons are being warned while others are having their passes revoked and trespassed from the park. I think the later is pretty harsh considering it's a readily accessible button that Disney makes no attempt to hide or prohibit use other than having a key turned or not.

That said, I just wanted to offer a warning to all those who have used this hack in the past to get a few extra miles of fun from the Fast Pass system. Do so now at your peril.

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