Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekly WDW Rumors

Did everyone see the opening ceremonies for the Bejing Olympics? It seemed to me the director had watched IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth a few too many times. Speaking of Reflections of Earth, the earth globe itself is due to go down for some maintenance and enhancements. LED technology has significantly advanced in the last 15 years. Check out that huge LED screen during the opening ceremonies, for example.

Tinker Bell and her fairy pals are making their way into the Magic Kingdom to coincide with the release of her first DVD. (I've heard there will be four or five in the series.) Look for the meet and greet to open in Toontown Fair in time for Halloween. Btw, this Tink talks. We'll see how that works out.

Rumors continue to swirl about plans for a Monster's Inc roller coaster being added to Pixar Place in Disney's Hollywood Studios. As I reported before, the continued success of Pixar's films make it more and more likely that a huge swath of DHS will eventually become Pixar themed. The area will start with the new entrance to Pixar Place and Toy Story Midway Mania and stretch all the way down to the Streets of America (The Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground will be rethemed). It will then take over what is now the backlot tour with a couple of attractions, including the Cars racers if that is a hit in California Adventure.

A similar expansion of Star Wars themed attractions will occur if the new Clone Wars film is a hit. Star Tours 2.0 is on the way regardless.

Over at Disney's Animal Kingdom the articulated talking head Timon has made its way into the Festival Of The Lion King show. Now Timon's head moves similarly to a puppet. It's much more work for the performer, I hope they got a pay raise.

Work continues on the Saratoga Springs Tree House complex. The new buildings are being brought in modularly to reduce impact on the environmentally sensitive area. This might result in some road closures for Vacation Club Way

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