Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Downtown Disney Update

Two quick updates from Downtown Disney Orlando.

The new restaurant in the old Pleasure Island area will be called "Paradiso 37". It will feature South/Central American cuisine and latin dancing. They're also renovating the water side of the building to provide beautiful views of the Lake Buena Vista area. Should be nice if they decide to go forward with the 'water show' they had planned for a few years ago.

You may have heard that the Virgin Megastore will be closing May 31st. Get ready for some great sales as they try and leave nothing but bare floors. Everyone is passing around the same rumor that Disney has been looking at putting a flagship ESPNZone in the location with the goal of moving some of the broadcasting down from Bristol to be closer to the new ESPN branded Wide World of Sports. The problem with that rumor is that the Virgin Megastore location 2nd and 3rd floors don't have the structural support required to put the usual games and arcades that ESPNZones have upstairs. The DisneyQuest located right next door does have that structural support. So make of that what you will.

As with most projects at Disney right now, the green light is still a harsh yellow as everyone waits to see what happens with the economy 90-180 days from now. If you judge by the stock market, which is supposed to be focused 180 days out, things don't look so rosy.

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