Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big Changes for Pop Century Resort

For years, the only activity on the 'Legendary Years' side of Pop Century has been for bus driver training in the parking lot. But things should be picking up as the long awaited second side will soon see construction start.

However, don't look for the 'Legendary Years' to ever be completed, instead they'll be making a whole new resort called Animation Inn. It will feature the latest innovation in family travel hotels -- family suites. These are one and two bedroom suites where there is unique kid themed room and where amenities are designed to give more of an all inclusive feel.

Look for work to start as soon as the pencil pushers feel like we're safely on the way out of the current recession. They want to be poised to welcome new families when the Central Florida tourism industry fully recovers. Current thinking is an partial opening sometime in 2011.

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