Thursday, October 8, 2009

Roy E. Disney's Health Declining?

Roy E. Disney, aka that damn nephew, has been the standard bearer of the Disney flame since the Walt Disney Company was targeted for takeover and Roy worked out a deal with the Bass family to bring in Michael Eisner and Frank Wells to save the company. He later fought Eisner for the soul of the company, eventually ousting Eisner and ushering in this current golden age for the Mouse House.

Sadly, I'm hearing rumors about Roy E's health being on the decline. Don't know more than that, and certainly, I hope it's not true. But there is the fact that he no longer races his yachts and, as far as I could tell, he wasn't present at the opening of the Walt Disney Family Museum. That may have been what led to the rumors, but then again the Museum was Diane's project, not Roy's.

Either way, send well wishes for good health and a long life to Roy E. Disney.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Muppet Invasion at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Suddenly a lot of action is taking place on the Muppet front. Disney used them to roll out their Give A Day, Get A Disney Day theme park promotion. They announced a new film at the D23 expo and they're about to start a big push back out into the theme parks.

We also have confirmation of some earlier rumors. Muppet*Vision will be getting a remastered film and an updated pre-show area at DCA and DHS. The same parks will host "Muppet What-Not Workshop", which is basically build a bear, but with Muppets. They had this at FAO Schwartz a few years ago. It was popular, but expensive. Finally, Muppet Mobile Labs is rumored to be coming back out to the theme parks. Hopefully it will show up in DHS instead of EPCOT this time. Much better themed there.

I'm hearing there are even blue-sky plans of a Muppet themed parade that will hit DHS the same year the new Muppet movie is released.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Future is Monorails Son

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Now, on to the big news of the evening. The new manager brought on to bring change to the Monorail system after the tragic accident that claimed a cast member's life is making some changes.

The new manager was surprised at how antiquated the current system is. The current monorail controller screen is really just a Windows 2000 overlay on the previous system. It wasn't so much a technology upgrade as it was a more colorful way of presenting the old data.

The new system will actually go back and rewrite some of the original system software. There will be touch screens for the pilots and central control units will be greatly upgraded. In a few years they might even have a mini-console running on iPhones in every manager's pocket.

Pink and Purple are likely to be the first trains to get this new technology once they're returned to service. What remains to be seen is will Purple get a new color as well. I certainly hope so.

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