Friday, August 20, 2010

Why Toy Story Midway Mania is down right after Toy Story 3 hit the Theaters

If you've been wondering about why Disney's Hollywood Studios would close Toy Story Midway Mania for refurbishment while Toy Story 3 the movie was still in theaters, you're not alone. While August is technically value season, and in theory a bit lighter on traffic, it's still summer and you should reasonably expect that the attraction related to the summer's major hit would be open. But it's not.

There must be a very good reason for the ride to be down then. Turns out the ride went down so they could install some additional safety features that will prevent the repeat of an injury that happened earlier this year on the attraction.

Disney really swept this one under the rug, but apparently a cast member was injured when they fell in an area they were supposed to go. This refurb is chiefly to install safety gates in that area. With Star Tours and other attractions going down for refurbishment once summer is over, Disney probably felt this was their best time to make those changes.

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1 comment:

Brad said...

as far as we were aware when we first posted about the refurb back in March, it's to install pneumatic gates at the unload (just like the load has), the problem being that guests aren't clearing the yellow area and are susceptible to falling into the tracks.

we also understood that the refurb was originally scheduled for april but got postponed