Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fire in Parade warehouse at Magic Kingdom?

Two posts today... I know, crazy. I heard that there was a fire in the parade warehouse for Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Some walk-around costumes for Main Street Electrical Parade were damaged and possibly Pete's Dragon. He's been missing from the parade since the date of the rumored fire. I say rumored, because Disney is not officially reporting that a fire occurred.

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Disneyland's World of Color canceled due to Earthquake

Last Night's World of Color performance at California Adventure was canceled after a moderate earthquake struck southern California. All attractions at the resort closed for a standard safety check after the quake and only WoC did not pass inspection. Two of the show's platforms were damaged as well as some of the gas pipes that create the fire effects.

While this damage was found after the earthquake, it's not necessarily directly attributable to the shaking. It may have just been damage that already existed.

If you know any more, please fill us in.

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