Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tropical Seranade Returning to the Magic Kingdom

A little birdie, literally a little birdie, tells me that the sweet sounds of "Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing" is now wafting happily out from the Enchanted Tiki Room in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. This is not just to torture the fanboys, but actually a sign that the attraction has ditched the new management and is returning to a more classic show.

A few weeks ago one of the two barker birds was missing, and now both birds are gone from the queue area. Then we learned that the attraction won't be re-opening on April 1st, but rather June 1st. Guess they have more work to do.

Today my source discovered that Walt Disney Imagineers are inside happily reprogramming the show and removing the scar tissue left from the Under New Management show. I was unable to drag out of my contact if they would be returning to the original tropical serenade show, or the newer edited version playing at Disneyland. Either way will make me happy.

All this because of a little attic fire that toasted Iago's feathers and caused some water damage. Hmmm that gives me an idea. Has anyone seen Stitch around here recently?

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