Monday, April 18, 2011

A long time ago in a theme park far away

I am hearing just the smallest inklings about an announcement coming at the grand re-opening for Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. While I try to get more clarification, I wonder if it has to do with the parking entrance re-alignment coming to DHS or perhaps confirmation of something bigger I heard about last year.

Early word about the Star Tours upgrade is good. (Although some have reported emerging quite shaken, literally, from the motion of the simulator.) Add to that the slow thaw in the cold war between Disney and George Lucas and you have the potential for a new themed land dedicated to the world of Star Wars.

Backlot Express would be converted to a Cantina style diner, although I've also heard that it could be a 'space junk yard' (as from Episode 1). Then the backstage road and main entrance road would be moved back about 200 yards to make room for a new e-Ticket set in the Star Wars universe. Think Carsland but with speeders racing around. There would also be a lot of Next-Gen touches bringing some hi-tech wizardry to the land as only WDI can do.

Last I heard, this was still just blue sky stuff. But who knows… maybe it's moved forward now that Disney is feeling a little bit of heat from the boy with a wand.

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