Saturday, January 5, 2013

Star Wars Boutique Park Considered for Walt Disney World

Concept art from Disneyland Paris

Discovery Cove is one of the few successful boutique parks out there. It's constantly improving the guest experience and winning awards. Not to be left out, a few years ago a boutique park was considered for Walt Disney World. It was to be an adventure themed park with animals. Eventually this idea was watered down and became Wild Africa Trek, an add-on experience at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

It's been said that a fifth gate is not likely for Walt Disney World, but there is a new rumor of a Star Wars themed boutique park planned for Walt Disney World. In fact, a few Imagineers have already been assigned to Florida to work on the project.

It would rely heavily on Next-Gen technology to make guests feel really immersed in the world. The first step is to start customizing that tech for Star Wars themed plot elements.

The backstory would be that guests have been selected for Jedi-Training. You would build and learn to use a light saber, pilot a fighter, learn jedi-tricks, and explore the 'dark forest' where you use your skills to confront the dark side. There would be a graduation ceremony and then a chance to explore the Jedi Academy (think of an elaborate role playing area with individual and group games where you can compete and score points).

Food options would include a reproduction of the Cantina (complete with band) and Jedi Academy cafeteria.

The whole experience would be about 4 to 6 hours long with one day tickets starting at around $200 with 'photopass-esque' options and personalized merchandise available as add-ons. It would also be suitable for families with guests as young as six, which was part of the problem of the other boutique park idea. This idea replaces the idea for expanding Star Wars themed area at DHS, that was been deemed unworkable due to land constraints and the hope that Marvel characters might someday become available from Universal.

Would you be interested in such an experience?

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