Friday, January 11, 2013

Spectromagic Floats Being Scavenged for New Parade, Maybe

When Main Street Electrical Parade returned to the Magic Kingdom for its recent run, the floats for Spectromagic were broken down and put in storage. Some parts were salvaged at that time to help beef up the MSEP for the rigorous route through the Magic Kingdom. But everyone always thought that one day MSEP would glow away again and Spectromagic with its creepy characters and light bright floats would return.

That may not happen. Entertainment managers recently went back into the storage area for the Spectromagic floats to check on their condition. They expect that some rehab would be required to bring them back to show ready, but the actual condition was shocking. The budget just wasn't there to make that level of repairs.

That leaves the park in something of a bind. Will they find the money to repair the floats with their old technology and lighting or wait until a budget appears for a new parade with more modern lighting.

Part of the issue is that LED lights are undergoing a bit of a revolution right now. It used to be when one light went out on a strand you had to replace the whole strand, not very efficient for Disney. A new technology now lets individual LEDs be replaced, but it's expensive still. The price will come down eventually, but Disney may not be able to wait that long, MSEP is getting to the point where it needs to be replaced or revamped too. This places Disney in a bind.

Three options are being talked about right now. 1) Rent a parade from DLP or TDL for a while (actually the MK's original MSEP is in crates backstage at Tokyo Disneyland right now, so they could just ship it back). 2) Build a new parade using as much of the old Spectromagic infrastructure as they can to save money.  3) Make a parade that can run both day and night. Disneyland Resorts Soundsational does that right now. This would let Disney kill two birds with one stone, since the day time parade has been rumored for replacement as well.

I'll let you know if I hear anything about a decision being made. I doubt it will come anytime soon.

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Pat said...

I'm sorry to hear this. Spectromagic was my favorite parade.